Orders are the most important resource you'll manage in your integration, you should always keep them updated.

Recommended usage

In order to keep your orders updated we recommend you to follow this steps:

1. Push all your historic orders

First you need to send us all the historic orders you have stored.

Due to our API limitations you can only push maximum 250 orders per request.

So, iterate over your historic order resources pushing arrays of json data until you reach the actual orders.

2. Make a cron to update the orders for a specific period of time

There are specific properties from an order that can change after an order has been created you must update theme.

We recommend you to select a maximum period of time where you consider your order data can change.

Then select all the orders form that period to today and re-send them with a put request. This way you'll update all orders in that period of time and also add new created orders.